Tips To Take Your Morning Cup Of Tea To The Next Level

After water, tea is the second most popular beverage across the globe. It is so popular that it is consumed twice as much as half a dozen beverages put together.  A cup of tea has a host of benefits, one of the most important one being that it has antioxidant properties. The recommended serving size for a standard cup of tea is a 1heaped.

You can have a plain simple brew or you can choose an exotic blend which has been further enhanced and fortified with other herbs, condiments or even flowers. Enjoying the perfect cup of tea is the best way to relax and rejuvenate yourself no matter how long a day you have had or however tired or exhausted you may be.

Buying the best blends and flavors of tea and coffee online has become so easy and can be done with the click of a few buttons and hardly takes much time. Just buying the finest of teas does not ensure a perfect cup of tea. Here are some tips for you to learn how to get that perfect cup of tea using the right techniques.

Tea preparing tips and techniques


Getting the temperature right

Making the perfect cup of tea actually requires a lot of research, patience, and experience too. Different types of tea need different temperatures at which they need to be brewed, Black tea is the only variant that tastes good at boiling temperature. All the other types including oolong tea, Green tea, White tea and some others too need to be brewed under boiling temperature. Over boiling the water for certain types of tea does not bring out the actual flavor of the tea.

Brew it for just enough time

Brewing time for different teas also varies. Under steeping your tea can result in a bland and tasteless tea which will definitely not make you feel refreshed at all.

The ideal brewing time for green and white tea is about 3-4 minutes, oolong and black tea for approximately 4-5 minutes and herbal blends and their variants for a little more than 5-6 minutes. Tea brewed just tastes just heavenly and passionate tea drinkers will definitely go that extra mile to get it right.

Get the serving size right

When it comes to how much tea leaves do you need to make a cup of tea, the golden rule to follow is ‘less is more’. Anything more than that will not only change the taste but it also changes the color of the infusion. If you are using an infuser to infuse your tea, using the right measurements will give the best results. Don’t overstuff it and leave enough space for the hot water to work on the tea and help it release maximum flavors.

To over steep or not

Over steeping can result in your tea becoming bitter and making it undrinkable for most people. This is primarily due to the release of tannins. It also tends to have an astringent kind of effect in your mouth, which leads to your mouth feeling pucker and dry. Apart from giving you an aftertaste, over-steeped tea will stain your teacup and your teeth too. On the upside of it all, over-steeped tea has a host of health benefits. It is an age-old grandma’s remedy as a cure for diarrhea. It has anti-carcinogenic properties. Steeping tea for more than 5 minutes also increases the levels of health-boosting flavonoids in it.

Infuse as much as you like it

Investing in a good infuser will allow you infuse your tea as many times as you like the taste. Apart from black tea, every other kind of tea can be infused as many times as you prefer. With each infused cup the taste will also keep changing. Depending on your taste preferences you can make you tea last you for several cups that keep refreshing you all day long. Drinking tea as you know does a lot to keep you healthy, and acts as a therapeutic supplement in many illnesses and other chronic conditions too. Losing weight, improving skin tone, preventing hair loss are some of the reasons why people are drinking tea.

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